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Description: (from back cover):

LBP 3 opens with a hot pair of college babes doing what college girls do. Brianna’s first orgasm will make you grab your chicken and start pulling. Brutus walks in on them and is immediately attacked. Brutus plunges his fingers into one and his cock into the other with ease and the moans and groans are ever so loud. These two cuties fight to be the first to deep throat and gag on his massive cock. Brutus gives them both what they want, and from every possible position. Before shooting a massive load into their waiting lips, Brutus spanks their cute little pink tongues with the tip of cock.

You will love watching these babe eat each other out while Brutus pounds each of them mercilessly from behind. If you like watching college girls fuck, suck and ride black cock… then you will love this scene!

Foot play with Kat Noir
Brutus and Kat are having the time of their lives as Brutus firmly wraps Kat’s tiny feet around his cock and proceeds to slowly stroke his cock into an erection. Eventually Brutus’s cock gleams rock hard as he quickens his thrust and pounds his cock even harder into the small gap made by the arch of Kat’s petite size 5 feet. Brutus finally moves the action into the bedroom and treats the Kat to a face ride Brutus style. You can see her pussy lips spread as she grinds her hips onto his huge tongue and lips. After several orgasms Brutus takes command in both the bedroom and in the shower. Watch her climb onto his soapy cock and goes for the ride of a lifetime!

Description: (from back cover):

Once a year we invite amateur Internet stars to a week long party under the sunny Florida skies.
This years party was fantastic.

This dvd features Florida DD, a tall busty red head with the sweetest pussy, Becky of Becky does blacks, who squirts and squirts and squirts. Chilie is a sultry southern blonde that loves black meat. Slut Tracy, the soccer mom that can give ten men a workout. Slut Momo, and beautiful asian slut that is very obedient and the loves her black master. Brianna is a 20 something petite blonde that just cant get enough of the black stuff.

We start with a radio talk show that gets totally out of control when the girls get hot and bothered and start making out right there in front of the host.
I dive in of course and get some support from a few of my friends. But I cant wait to get my hands and Momo and we retire to our room so that I can
take a closer look at her "body art" we talk about porn and cars, cooking other nonsense before I force her to her knoees for a impromtu blow job.
Momo doesn't hesitate and swallows me whole until she gags on my girth as it reaches the back of her throat. she's so small I cant help but lift her 90lb up into the air.
I guess she read my mind cuz she reaches back and deftly slips me inside of her and rides my cock like a wild woman.... she said something like 'fuck me daddy"... always a good motivater for me.

On day two we visited a few local bars and I spent my time getting familiar with a sultry blond. She stands at 5'7" and loves to fuck, any where and at any time. After a few drinks and a very suggestive conversation we separated from the group and made it back to her room. with hubby in tow she showed me exactly how to eat her pussy. I always appreciate a few good pointers, and within minutes she was writhing in orgasm as I worked her over with my tongue. It wasn't long before I got her clothes off and showed her how to keep her legs pinned behind her head... for hours! that was of the hottest sex I have ever had, and I have had a lot.
I always look forward to seeing double D.... she a has made it to pleasurefest every year and we do our best to satisfy her, repeatedly. "DD" is a 5'10" absolutely beautiful red head, Long legs and ivory white skin, and blue eyes.. and 44 DD headlights highlight her very slutty demeanor. We small talked for a few moments this year just for appearances... I complimented her hair and nails, made a fuss over her shoes, and the skimpy little dress she was hardly wearing but i could keep up the act much longer... so we retired to a back room in order to get reacquainted and to make up for last time. "DD" let me suck on her delicious nipples for as long as I pleased, while she played with my cock and balls... of course that didn't last long and I had to feel her hot and very wet pussy engulf my cock..... In all it was a great party with lots of local guys cumming out to join the fun and finally meet the girls of pleasurefest.
I am looking forward to next year already, and you are invited Just shoot me an email at Brutusblack.com.

Description: (from back cover):

Sexy slutty Porscha is every guys dream, especially mine!
"Deep in Porscha" gives you ringside seats to what is one of the hottest video I have released to date.
Since her divorce, she has let her hair down and let out the slut.
In this issue I pick her up on a lazy summer day in Brooklyn, NY.
We hit it off right away, and we were both naked within moments of entering my pad. She has a cute and tight little ass, and wasted little time making sure I saw it!

She purred continuously while she indulged her self with my cock, almost sucking the skin off! I finally couldn't take anymore and pushed her onto her back and preceded to peel her pretty white shorts down her legs.
She was dripping wet already, but I do take a few minutes to admire her pussy with three or four fingers. She loved every minute, but eventually she is begging me to stick something a little bigger in there! We fucked like animals, and sound like animals as she screams at the top of her lungs with each orgasm.I was soon to learn why she's called "Porscha Ride" as she climbed on top of me and pushed my meat in between her legs.
I watched my cock disappear deep inside of the wettest pussy in the world. She grinds her hips into mine and starts cumming immediately ... but finds a way to maintain control, while grabbing my nipples in each hand. What came next was unbelievable. Porscha took every inch of my cock, in every hole... deep in her mouth deep in her pussy and deep in her mouth....
Needless to say, I was "Deep In Porscha" and loving it.

Description: (from back cover):

See what happens when a soon to be married man makes a foolish bet with his fiance, and loses. Her soon to be husband is devastated to find out that his bride is going to go through with her plans to fuck a black man, after she won the bet. He pleads with her not to, but she has already seen Brutus Black in action, and will not be denied her first taste of black dick!

We catch the whole thing beginning with the ride to our meeting place and the inevitable whining from her husband.

Brutus wastes little time and puts her at ease with some smooth table talk and a glass of wine. The next scene finds all three in the bedroom, and Brutus slowly disrobing the already excited wife as the husband looks on in shock and disbelief. It's not long before she has her clothes off and her legs spread wide under Brutus's massive girth. She hungrily gobbles done every inch of the big man's cock as her to a quick climax with just two fingers..... and she explodes with cum all over herself, Brutus and the bed. Brutus then takes the initiative and bends this sexy wife into a pretzel and drives home nine inches of thick black meat. She sings her delight, and beckons Brutus on as he continually brings her to climax for the second and third time. Turning to her husband she relentlessly taunts him with her with her victory cry...and says "you can never make me cum like this!" while pointing to the huge cum stains she has made on the linen. Needless to say, after winning her bet and disobeying her husband this lily white southern MILF finally gets the pounding she has needed and wanted for quite some time.

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Description: (from back cover):

We got a treat here, Trinity Post Visits NYC and gets a triple dose of Black dick as only the east coast crew can offer. First Brutus Black tears up that petite white ass. The next day Big Max and Black Mcnasty take turn filling her 2 pretty pink lips. This girl has an ass to die for, nice round bubble that can take a pounding and still spring back, Folks this slut loves to fuck. This young slut experienced a first here. Her first squirting experience on video.
100 minutes.

Description: (from back cover):

The second installment of Long Black and Phat is hot right from the start as Sara Swirls repeatedly begs for more cock. Sara is a mother and homemaker with jet black hair that is off-set perfectly by a pair of soft pink lips and dangerous crystal blue eyes. You will definitely enjoy watching Brutus repeatedly slam every inch of his long ebony shaft deep inside this babe’s sopping white pussy for what seems like an eternity.

Brutus’ massive cock is engulfed by Sara’s swollen, pink pussy lips, as he effortlessly lifts Sara and lowers her onto his cock. With every downward stroke, his cock disappears and then reappears totally covered in pussy juice. Sara then takes charge and like a true cowgirl, and slowly lowers herself onto nearly nine inches of thick black meat, and begins what is obviously the ride of her life. Sara then smothers her face and mouth with his black balls and cock and begs repeatedly until Brutus releases his load into her freckled white face.

Scene 2 opens with Brutus meticulously disrobing Jamie, a petite 5’7 beauty with light brown skin and long wavy hair. Brutus wastes no time and quickly dives face first between her long and lean thighs, using his powerful tongue to fill her with anticipation. After she cums on his face Brutus takes command by pushing Jamie onto her back and lowering his full weight into her for the hottest missionary fucking ever seen. Jamie then positions herself doggy style on the bed, ready for his huge black cock.

Cyber-Kitten's tiny frame was made for sex, and she sets out to prove it in this marathon sex session in Scene Three. She lays back on the bed and spreads wide, dripping in anticipation. Brutus moves forward and positions the tip of cock at the entrance of her hungry pussy before slowly driving his shaft into her. He pounds her quicker and quicker until Cyber-Kitten wants to taste her juices on his cock, sliding his thick meat down her throat. It is not long before Brutus is covers in sweat, saliva and pussy juice from head to toe. The two explore every possible position as they do their best to fuck the other into submission.

Description: (from back cover):

Watch Brutus seduce Angelle with a long slow sensuous massage, before
slowly penetrating her with 9” of thunderous manhood. Watch closely as Angelle sucks cock from top to bottom slapping it against her lips to licking it up and down, sucking on Brutus’ balls. Brutus face fucks Angelle full force. Angelle moans to feel that black cock inside as Brutus mounts her from behind and gives her his best.
Angelle trembles with pleasure as Brutus delivers more than she can bear
in this steamy session.

The action continues with Brutus and Holly a striking 5’7 blonde with a body ready made for pounding. Watch as Brutus devours Holly's sweet southern pussy with his masterful tongue and skilled fingers. Holly takes his entire cock and moans with deep pleasure as she pushes his black meat into her throat. Brutus then takes charge and fiercely pounds away at her 90 pound frame. Experience every angle as Brutus brings Holly to multiple orgasms with some long deep powerful thrusts. Holy begs Brutus for his cum and Brutus obliges with a huge load delivered deep inside of this breeder’s
pink swollen pussy.
Brutus begins this adventure with Kat Noir - a real horny slut who loves to fuck. The opening scene is a close up of Miss Kat deliciously devouring Brutus' massive cock. Brutus is awesome as he rides Kat side saddle and she screams with pleasure . Kat wrestles in sweet agony as Brutus pins her down and plunges his dick deep in her steaming pussy over and over again before delivering his load of cum straight down her throat. She sucks up every last drop. But he wants more. Watch Kat cry for mercy, hear her scream as she comes again and again from being serviced …Brutus style... from behind. Kat Noir's face, flushed with ecstasy tells the story of this first encounter.

Description: (from back cover):

Naughty Alysha is entertaining two HUGE black guys. One is obviously a body builder, and the other is endowed with a 12 inch dick. Alysha coaxes both of them to rock-hardness, then lets them pound her horny pussy into mush. The guys work her cunt over until it stretched out and sloppy. In order to get more friction inside her over used cunt, they jam big toys inside along side their dicks for a snug fit. This causes the guys and Alysha to cum hard. All of the cum is left on Alysha's pretty face. She wears it as a badge of seduction and pushes it all down her throat.


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