Tatiana Bank Teller
I think if you look up Bad Girl in the dictionary, you would certainly see a picture of Tatiana. She is definitely a bad girl! We met right here in the big apple and she was quick to let me know what she wanted. I could not help but notice that at the top of the long legs she sported was the tightest and juiciest ass I had ever seen.

I was rock hard in minutes and ready for action. Some girls like spankings and some like their hair pulled, but she loved it all. I pushed down on her back and almost automatically her legs spread for me and she welcomed me between them. In an effort to be a man, I fought my inclination to fuck her face and first penetrated her pussy slowly while watching her face tighten with anticipation, relax into an evil smile and then eventually turn bright red as she raced towards the first of several loud and extremely wet orgasms.

I take a certain amount of pride in packing a powerful punch, but
Tatiana met each thrust from me with an arch of her back that only pushed my cock even deeper inside of her. The feeling was wonderful and I knew it wouldn't be long before I would have to explode. I do not know where she learned to fuck like that but it was amazing!

After cumming hard three of four times, she reached down deftly pulled me out of her sopping wet pussy and slid me right into her ass! It was apparent that this is what preferred as she went immediately wild bucking on my cock like a wild woman. Tatiana might be a bad girl, but I call her my dream girl and I will look to hook up with her again really soon.

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Kat Noir
Kat Noir is the perfect name for this 5’6 110lb cutie. I had a free weekend and so we got together in Atlantic City for the first time. If you think she looks delicious, then you should have a taste - she is!

With such a small frame, I was impressed when she first gave me a foot massage and then proceeded to take all 9 inches of my cock in her mouth with a little smile. She proved that she is the hungriest girl in the world. I have never seen my entire cock in anyone's mouth before!


Kat was insatiable as we changed positions from missionary to doggie style, and I got a handful of hair to hold on to. She loved it and came all over me again and again. I finally let her have a little control and she rode me so hard that I was sore for days. Not say to she didn’t get her brains fucked out by the Brutus though. Once I got her legs pinned back, I pushed my cock into her really deep. I was covered in pussy juice from that point on...

There were a few occasions that we had to put a sock in her mouth or she would’ve let every one in the building know my name and that I was her daddy -hehe
God, I love that. I think you will love it too. So be sure to find out just how much fucking this hot girl can endure.

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The only thing better than a blonde is a petite blonde. Holly is a striking 5’7 blonde with an ass that is ready made for pounding. She looked very edible sitting on my lap massaging my cock right in front of her husband. Like most house wives, she got all dolled up for me in silk panties, stockings with garters and black heels.

I always appreciate the busy work of peeling off the panties and giving that tiny pussy a good soaking in preparation for the meat I would soon be driving into it.. Holly wants a black baby and I had every intention giving her what she wanted that evening. I love a strong woman, but a submissive one in bed is even more fun. I stood up and without a word from me she dropped to her knees and peeled my already rock hard cock out of my undies. She wrapped her lips around it like it was her last meal.


I reluctantly pulled her off of my cock and picked her up, allowing her to wrap her legs around my waist as I slid her slowly down onto my shaft, I don’t think heaven could be much better. We eventually made it over to the bed where the real fucking began.

It was apparent that this lady could take some meat, as she smiled when I pushed every inch of my cock inside of her over and over again, while letting her feel all 275 lbs of my body. I wasn’t long before she was begging me for my seed and for her first black baby. The video tells the story as we covered all four corners of their bed and even the sofa with our love making.

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